I-F: Clutter & 9x5

This puddytat probably thinks he's clearing out some of the "clutter"! (Or should that be "dinner"?)

This is my submission for the Illustrators Australia annual 9x5 exhibition where the theme is "Year of the Rat" (my title: Year of the rat (crossed out) CAT). Oh, did I mention I am on the committee with IA? Um, oh yeah, did I mention I'm the VP this year? It's but a name really, but I do enjoy being part of an association like that. This year I helped set up the inaugural mentorship program, which has been in the wings for a long time. (I would have liked to set up a mentorship program for ME!)

Anyway, the 9x5 is an annual exhibition where IA members are sent a piece of wood that is 9x5 in dimension to paint, and then they get auctioned off on one fun and exciting night - October 2nd this year, so if you are in the area do come along! It is also part of the Melbourne Fringe festival this year, and you can find out more about it here.