I recently got the above book of lullabies featuring illustrations by some wonderful australian illustrators. It includes a piece by one of my favourite aussie illustrators, Alison Lester, (below, cropped as it wouldn't fit in my scanner) which was the inspiration for my last IF post, Late.

There were plenty others, like Stephen Michael King: (for you, Monica!)

and especially this one that caught my eye, by Tamsin Ainslie. I was really struck by her use of collage and her sweet characters. I was sure I had seen her work before, and sure enough, I had! - through Illustration Friday, Illustrators Australia, and her various work around Melbourne. I have added her blog to my blog list - go check out this talented artist!

Also, as an added bonus, here is a card I picked up for a little friend of mine, isn't it gorgeous? The artist is Gemma Hardy (sorry, couldn't find a good link for her)