'Tis the season...

...for Christmas parties!

I went to the Victorian chapter of SCBWI's Xmas dinner last weekend and last night was Illustrators Australia's. Two very different parties and each rewarding in their own way.

The SCBWI dinner was a casual sit down and chat with some (mostly) older ladies who had been in the business quite a while. I felt like a little fledgling learning from the masters. "Yes, grasshopper, you have far to go, so much to learn, but you will arrive at your destination and the journey will be worth it". or something like that.

Then last night was IA's party. As some of you know I am "vice-prez" of IA this year so it was fun to help organise - lots of food, heaps of alcohol! a bit of dancing, lots of Xmas lights, a rooftop with a view, and good conversations. I nominated to be on the committee again next year, in what capacity I'm not sure yet, and a few new faces nominated as well so that was great. ALSO, I made this cake, in the shape of our logo:

now, I have NEVER decorated a cake before - not even your garden variety rectangular, chocolate icing and nothing else cake, so this was quite a challenge - but lots of fun! everyone loved him. Maybe I should start a new business...? haha, I don't think so!