chirp, chirp

the crickets are chirping because there hasn't been much happening on this blog lately. sorry about that, but let me assure you, there has been a flurry of behind-the-scenes activity!

I've painted my hallway (but still want to do a mural), have illustrated 1.5 out of 4 books, witnessed history (go Obama!), had a birthday, got some good books (see below) and have been watching the tennis as much as possible (in person last night, but in breaks from painting today)

So no illustrations to show you at the moment, but here are some books I would like to share. I finally got around to getting some of my buddies' books, and they are all so amazing in different ways:

firstly the fabulously illustrated and beautifully produced Haunted Ghoul Bus by Jannie Ho aka chickengirl. So much humour, so much colour, so much WORK! Way to go Jannie!

then, the incredibly soft and beautiful I Love You All Year Round, the debut book from Alicia Padron - and a pop-up book no less! So sweet and heartwarming, in words and pictures. Gorgeous, Alicia :)

and then a novel called Couch from an old (okay, not that old) college friend Benjamin Parzybok. It's sort of a modern day Lord of the Rings type quest where 3 guys deliver a magical couch back to ... somewhere, I haven't gotten that far yet, but I think I will soon as I am devouring it. Well done Ben!

Then for my birthday I got this book which is next on my list to devour: Noa Noa - The Tahiti journal of Paul Gauguin. it is filled with actual excerpts of his journal with sketches and original penned diary entries in French. i know I'm going to love it!

and i must apologize to anyone who has left a comment or sent an email recently who i haven't responded to. i've been working hard on my books but will get back into blogosphere soon ... Hope you are all well and happily busy out there in bloggy land!