I-F: (A very, very sad) Time

A bit of a departure from my normal cheery cute stuff - I have just been so affected by the stories from the raging bushfires in Victoria. 170 people have lost their lives, with the number expected to climb, and many more have lost their houses and their only refuge is an emergency military tent. How do they go back to a town which no longer exists? How can you rebuild from cinders and ashes?

The worst part is that some of these fires were deliberately lit. It's just atrocious.

The best part has been the rallying together and the strength of communities. I can only hope that it is enough for the people who have lost friends and family. and hooray to all the courageous firefighters, the local heros known and unknown, the people who made sandwiches and took clothes to those who needed them.

We, luckily, are far enough away from the disaster (thank you for your emails/comments of concern), but close enough to have friends who were directly affected (their property, not lives, thank goodness).

If you would like to help with the cause, here are some avenues (via flossy-p):
Donate to the Australian Red Cross
Sparkly Green Knickers is donating all her etsy sales to the appeal
Grandy and Baa is having a clothing make-along for the babies and children
The Toy Society will be gathering handmade toys to donate
Handmade Help is co-ordinating craft donations to auction off and raise money. (click on the graphic in the sidebar)

Thinking of all those who were affected, trying to stop crying....