I-F: Subtract

trees - leaves = autumn. simple equation!

And I think these two might be a simple equation too. 1 + 1 = 2.
(speaking of which, today marks 8 years that A and I have been together, meaning I've been in Australia for 8 years too. My how the time seems to pass quickly these days....)

And another season rolls in.... autumn has definitely sprung in this hemisphere, and as much as I love summer, autumn is always such a beautiful season. Though there aren't many deciduous trees to turn beautiful colours here, the air feels crisp and brisk, and the sun still strong enough to make a difference.

Here are some other autumnal colours:
The beautiful japanese washi paper I used for collage in this illo (I love it when I find the perfect paper to fit an illo)

and a chili plant, as part of my bountiful herb garden.

Happy autumn!