Goodies and tidbits

Ooh it's been a while since I've posted. My blog was getting lonely. sorry, blog.

I was just finishing up a few bit and pieces of work - a few small textbooks illos, here is part of a rough sketch for one:

These were in B&W which was great timing for me. I'm about to start writing/illustrating the dummy for my book, and it feels good to get back to basics, review the way I work, start from scratch. Nice to work in B&W and think about showing form in light and shade instead of colour.

so until I have something other than 'work' to show you (soon, I hope!) I will show you some lovely goodies I have picked up along the way:

Lovely, sweet, wonderfully loose illustrations Paige! well done.

And I also picked up this little guy from Paul at Trianglenose, affectionately called El Muerto, but dubbed Miguel by me. I love his cheeky little grin. And I also love Paul's funky little striped cat too - too cool!

Plus... have you seen this stop motion animation using photos? or this one using paper cutouts? Both worth a look. The first so fun, the second so crafted, really incredible. Enjoy!