I-F: Theatre

Kids are natural actors aren't they? (and artists, and musicians....)

This one was baked fresh today just for IF. Feels good to do an illo just for fun again.
When I drew this, it was going to be the typical damsel in distress scene, but when I started painting, I realised she was acutally a sorcerer casting spells. Funny when a character tells you what they should be doing!
Well with some extra time up my sleeves, I have been doing a few things I've been meaning to do for ages, like join Jacketflap. If you're a flappin' and want to be friends (maybe even best friends forever), please look me up here. If you don't know what Jacketflap is, it's sort of a myspace for writers/illustrators/publishers/editors of children's books. I still haven't fully checked it out myself, but it looks good!