bread and butter

For the past 6 weeks I have been working on an educational book about handwriting which needed a lot of illustrations - 140 of them! It was a change of gears for me because they wanted digital illos (in Illustrator) which I don't really do anymore. (I worked on a similar project with this publisher a few years ago when I worked only digitally, and they wanted the same style)

It was pretty fun to do, but all I wanted was to work on my Christmas book! But educational work is often the bread and butter that helps you support the more fun illustration projects.

So now I am back to the book and absolutely 100% loving it! I am having sooo much fun doing the roughs - an especially good sketching night tonight :) I will post more about that soon. Until then, here are 3 of the 140 illos I completed recently...

winking wombat
old ostrich
coughing camel