and a new decade begins....

A new year, a new decade...

here is how the end of 2009 looked for me:

(31C inside/ 40C outside for us aussies)

I wouldn't have imagined that as 2009 turned into 2010 I'd be....

- Bringing in the new year in Australia with my parents & husband
- Working on my first 'real' children's book with a major publisher
- Renovating my first house

For the upcoming year, I am bestowing it with the moniker Year of Friends. I feel like last year (09!) was the Year of Home. And now that the renos are mostly done (will show you some pics soon!) I want to get back to a more social lifestyle. More sharing, more giving, more meals, discussions, wine, laughs and play.

Of course, I will still be working hard. I have started the paintings for my book and am loving it, and look forward to whatever new illustration projects, discovery & inspiration might come my way this year.

But this year I want to restore the balance between work and play.

All the best to you - and to everything you hope for, dream of, plan excessively for, but perhaps more importantly, to all the unplanned happinesses that you find along the way.