I-F: Burning

Elsie's ears were burning after Stuart didn't return her feelings, and walked to class with Peony instead.

...I'm trying to get some more sketching into my life -- getting inspired by The Sketchables and this post by Alicia Padron. I haven't joined PiBoIdMo or SaeMo or anything, just trying to take 10-20 minutes whenever I can for sketching, no pressure.

I'm doing a drawing exercise that Sam Hughes told me about - she learned it from her critiquer Cecilia Yung at the SCBWI conference:
Have different jars with different scene elements, pick one out of each jar, and draw it! You could have:
Jar 1: Character (girl, dad, pig, rooster...)
Jar 2: Emotion (relieved, angry, sad, excited...)
Jar 3: Location (on the roof, under a tree, on the moon, in the supermarket...)
optional additions:
Jar 4 : Lighting/time of day (more for a finished piece)
Jar 5: Time period
Jar 6: Story twist (and then someone arrived, and then the dog got out, then it started snowing...)

The main one I am focusing on is emotion because I know I don't bring that out enough.

So for the elephant above my drawing was: The elephant was disappointed at school.

Below, the rabbit was relieved, on the roof when someone left.

Fun, no? Maybe you should try it!