I-F: Stir

Japan has been shaken and stirred this week. I almost can't quite come to terms with what is happening there. It seems like something out of a hollywood movie with insane special effects - tsunamis 30m high, destruction far and wide, nuclear meltdown. Hugs of the biggest and warmest kind to them.

This is a piece I did to donate to Illustrators Australia's auction with 100% of money going to Japan. (the kanji characters in the right hand corner say 'for Japan'. I hope I got that right!) The auction is currently being set up, so stay tuned for more details as they come to hand.

Other ways to help out:
Art for Japan
comment at Karen Andrews' blog to up her donation
buy one of Alicia's prints
buy one of Kathy Hare's prints

It feels good to at least be doing something.