The age of reason

I watched a great movie last night called L'age de Raison (sorry no subtitles on link). It's a french film about a woman turning 40 who receives letters she wrote to herself when she was 7 (which the French call The Age of Reason -- the age when a child's conscience matures -- very interesting read here)

Did this powerhouse exec follow the dreams of her 7 year old self? Was she being true to herself? It made me think of something that my parents unearthed a little while ago:

A project I wrote when I was 8 called 'My Life as a Kid'. And it's basically 'my life so far'. It's pretty funny really, but the last part is the best: (click to see big)

It's been a difficult patch lately, and it's always easy for self-doubt to creep in through the cracks... so it was good for me to realise that I think my 8-year-old self would be proud of me :-)