Northcote Kids Festival

I did some illustrations for the Northcote Kids Festival happening soon in the northern 'burbs of Melbourne. I think the poster turned out great! Tix are cheap or free, but even so you can go into a draw to win free tickets by liking their Facebook page.

I will also be conducting an illustration workshop for kids aged 6-12 as part of the festival, on September 30th. I'm very excited! I must admit that it is my first ever hands-on workshop (though I did teach ad hoc art classes to kids a few years ago) but I'm hoping it can become part of my regular repertoire.

In this workshop we'll discuss what it means to be a book illustrator, what makes up a good book, and then together we will come up with ideas for a story, and kids (and their adults) can illustrate their story together! All in an hour. Ambitious? I think not!

There are lots of other fun events and workshops happening, so check it out if you're in the area!