Weeeeeeeee! Do it again! do it again!
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! (a day late)

This is our first Father's Day, and how lucky we are to celebrate it with our little one. It was a gorgeous day here in Melbourne, and we spent most of it in the sunshine as a family of 3.

This is a piece I started before our little boy came along. I think I was fretting over the background, doing it and redoing it. When you have a baby, I think you fret less and just try to get things done in the little time you have! So I decided to just finish it. I just got it done this morning as I had some unusual time: a sleeping baby but very awake myself!

Hope you like it. It reminds me of how dads are so good at 'horseplay'. I guess this is 'whaleplay' :)