Monster Mode

Happy Hallowe'en! 
Remember to hug a monster today. Monsters need hugs too.

I'm in a monster state of mind at the moment... today I spent most of the day at Broadmeadows Valley Primary School drawing.... MONSTERS! I am doing a 3 week artist-in-residence program where we are exploring character design. We had such a great time and the students came up with some wonderful ideas. I'll post more on this after the final session.

Up until today I've been super busy working on the rough sketches for my current book project. Because the book is about explaining death to toddlers -- so a lot of sadness to portray -- there have been a few days where I get to the end of sketching in a very sullen mood. So it's been great to work on the monsters for something more fun and funny! But I'm still trying to keep the cuteness factor up in the book – here is my main character, Billy :)