And so the year begins....

I was very happy to take a little break in January and now that I'm back I feel refreshed and ready to go!

A few things happened while I was unhooked from social media:

I Learn App Released

The app I animated -- I Learn -- has been released! It has already gotten some wonderful reviews and was featured in 'Best New Apps' and 'Great Kids Apps and Games" on the AU App Store. It's focused on children in their first few years of school. Please let me know if you get it and what you think! 
click here to check it out!

Creative Net Speakers Agency

Another very exciting development is that I am now represented by Creative Net Speakers Agency for speaking engagements in schools, libraries, conferences and festivals. I’m in great company at Creative Net and am looking forward to continuing doing fun workshops for kids, adolescents and maybe even adults too!
Creative Net


I also had a great time spending the morning at Supergraph browsing the inspiring booths, but also doing live painting and portfolio reviews for Illustrators Australia.

At the moment I am finishing up my current book project for Scholastic Australia, and also participating in another round of Lilla Roger’s Bootcamp. So look out for some fun new portfolio pieces rolling into my RedBubble shop soon :)

And all the best for a rollicking start to the year!