I am so very incredibly excited to announce that I have an agent!

I am now represented by Astound Agency, based in New York and London.

This has been a HUGE goal for me for many years. 

I first thought about getting a literary agent when I attended the big SCBWI summer conference in 2010. Wow, was it that long ago?

But luckily I waited (or, maybe chickened out is more appropriate), because in the last 1.5 years I have been getting into licensing (after taking the MATS courses). So, I decided I wanted an agent that dealt in publishing and licensing.

There are lots of pros and cons to having an agent. The big pro, of course, being that they have amazing contacts and can (hopefully) find you jobs you could never get yourself. The big con being, of course, their commission. But representation at trade fairs like Surtex or the Bologna book fair and the idea of not having to chase the next job seem very appealing to me.

I made my first submission to an agent about this time last year. And i got a response... which was a good sign. They said they liked my work but that my folio needed a bit more consistency of style.

They were talking about my licensing work. Because we were encouraged to experiment in the MATS courses (which is a good thing!) my style was all over the place. 

I spent the next year creating more licensing-appropriate pieces in MY style and then plucked up the courage to submit to Astound with my new folio... and Aha! -- a contract in response!

So here is my brand spanking new page on their website: (wohoo!)