One year Stateside

We recently celebrated one year since moving from Australia back to the USA. (gasp! Yes time does go that fast!)

And what has happened - in my life, in my career?

Well, quite a few things, as you might imagine.

Life-wise, I've met super lovely people, I live in a funky friendly town, and my ENTIRE family is less than an hour away (something I hadn't experienced for over 20 (gasp again!) years) So that, dear readers, is an incredible amount of happy!

Career-wise, I've discovered a few things:

1. Even though this is a global economy now, geography does still matter, and it takes time to build up a network wherever you are.

2. In Australia, I was able to make a good career in publishing without an agent. The same does not seem to hold true here. So I am on the hunt for an agent! (gasp, yes. sigh.)

3. I've also discovered that I absolutely adore book design. Especially, you guessed it, children's book design. I've paid my bills doing graphic design for many years, and this seems like the perfect marriage of my skills and passion. (Hence the new book design tab on my website)

4. I am setting my sights high. Author-illustratorness is next on my list.

5. I've got grit. I'm a gunna keep on going till i gets to where i wanna go. I look forward to reading this blog post in another year's time to see exactly where I end up!

Over and out. [mic drop.]