21 days creative exercise: Days 20-21

How did it get to be Day 21 already? That doesn't seem right. well looking back it looks like I skipped days 13-15 (not for any superstitious reasoning or anything, I just did!) - so maybe I should go to at least day 24.

Anyway here is Day 20:
I did a little series of sketches of a girl and her dinosaur (on post-its again!) - playing with perspectives again. yes i know he is one weird lookin dino!
"up! up!"
up looking down
down looking up

Day 21: This is one of my favourites of the whole 21 days I think! I went to my first ever meditation class the other night, and as we were trying to 'clear our minds' the instructor said if a thought came into your mind, that was okay, and just to let it float by like a log on a river or a cloud in the sky.
I thought, wouldn't it be great if we could do that, just send all our negative thoughts and feelings floating away, and I guess I had paper boats on a river in my mind because I just can't stop thinking of flossy-p's beautiful painting... (if you don't know flossy-p or haven't seen this painting you must, it's gorgeous)

okay, three more days to go... :)

21 days creative exercise: Days 17-19

Here are a few scribbly sketches I did (on post-its!) of a few ideas:

Day 17: "I am an island" - I look forward to painting this one...

Day 18: Thinking about 'Electricity' for I-F .. green electricity!

Day 19: This is today's endeavour - my friends just had their baby so now that I know the baby's name (clay) I could finish this up :) It's ink on brown paper with collaged japanese washi paper. Now on to some work!

Surprise Monday : Week 11 -PLUS- 21 days creative exercise: Day 16

I've decided to combine my Suprise Monday, where I give an update on the progress of my current children's book, with my 21 days creative exercise post, because they sort of ran together today.

I must (ashmedly) admit that I haven't been able to keep up with the 21 days exercise - Some days, I just don't get into the studio at all, but then other days, I am able to play for longer than 15 minutes. Does that count? I don't think so. You're supposed to do it EVERY DAY. Sorry... :-(

, I HAVE been doing it every day I'm in the studio though. As I've said before it really works for me to use it as a warm up. but today, something else happened...

And I don't have much I can show you from the book at the moment, (even though i've been working hard!) - I just don't want to give too much away. But I wanted to talk about the creative process and just how fluid and beautiful it can be. I'm always amazed when things jump out at me from the page, almost telling me what I should be doing with them, or reminding me that they are there, and that's what happened today.

I was working on the title for the book which I am doing by hand, and in trying a few different styles, I tried my beautiful japanese brush with ink:
It just isn't the right feel for the book. But in doing this I squirted out waaay too much ink, and didn't want to waste it, so I grabbed some scrap paper and just started playing around. I have this little painting of bamboo that I got in San Francisco and tried copying it.

I took one japanese calligraphy class ages ago, and I loved it, and this reminded me about the beauty, the simplicity of monotone colour and quick strokes. Not thinking so much, just doing. It's another thing I'd like to get back to and play with. all in good time....

But I guess it was just another reminder to go with those little whims, like I did the other week with the collage for the book, because you never know where it is going to take you, and all of a sudden you have added another dimension to your work, or you are going in a completely different direction than you thought you would be or should be, and that is the fun of creating!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for all of your comments, and I'm so sorry I haven't been able to make the rounds lately... I can't wait to get a bit more time to check in on what you've all been doing!! Happy creating everyone! :)

21 days creative exercise: Days 10-12

Instead of painting my header, I decided to stay with the idea of using my 15 minutes every day for sketching. (but nothing too impressive here I'm afraid!)

Day 10: I find I sit for the first 5 minutes trying to figure out what to draw. I've been trying to push quirky strange angles in my illos a bit more so this was an uninspired attempt to do a bit more of that.

Day 11: I got inspired by Alicia's perspective sketches so thought I'd try some myself. Here's Jack & the beanstalk bird's eye view...

Day 12: snail's eye view.

OK, off to do some painting now! :)

21 days creative exercise: Day 9

Wow, between my Surprise Mondays, creative exercise and IF, that makes for a lot of posts each week!

Here is Day 9. I kept working on my header and I am very happy with this, so may start painting it tomorrow. I started it over today, cause I realised I made a mistake yesterday, did 15 minutes, then was so excited to keep going on it I spent another 30minutes later in the day! I'm loving having sketching as a warm up before painting, it's really working for me....

21 days creative exercise: Day 8

I'm nursing a wicked hangover at the moment, so this was really hard work today! But I did feel much better afterwards. I've been wanting to redo my blog header for a while now, it really isn't me anymore. So starting on some sketches.... this is as far as I got in 15 minutes, so will finish it tomorrow. Hmmm.... but I just realised that it should say lil kim'S illo blog.... oops.... i'll have to start that one again I guess! Serves me right for having such a good time last night ;-)

as always, don't forget to check out all the other great illustrators doing the 21 days exercise - check Alicia's blog for the list. x

21 days creative exercise: Days 6 & 7

Had a great day painting today, and I like using my 15 minutes of creativity as a loose-sketchy warm-up-sortuva thing...
Day 6: Hummingbirds

Day 7 : Humming inside (and no, I'm not pregnant! But Jules is! so I must have pregnancy on the mind because this is where my sketches went naturally.... congrats Julie!)

21 days creative exercise: Days 1-5

Some lovely illustrator-blogsters, Alicia and Gina, have started up a 21 day creative exercise. The premise is it takes 21 days to form a new habit and the goal is to get (at least) 15 minutes of creative time into each day.

Others are focussing mainly on trying new things and pushing boundaries. For me, I am pretty busy at the moment and don't feel like I have the headspace to push myself into new realms, so I am approaching this a bit differently. I am just hoping to get into the habit of sketching every day, and getting more whimsy into my art. I'm hoping that at the end of these 21 days I can have a catalogue of ideas I can refer back to as ideas for bigger paintings. (I also hope to perhaps make a few ATCs along the way as Diana is doing, but I'm not holding myself to that one.)

So... this is the 5th day I've been doing it (just haven't had time to post yet!), here we go:

DAY 1: I started off just sketching out a realisation I had that teapots look like elephants (or vice versa) - not sure where that idea is going yet but it's good to get it down on paper.
Then moved on to birds. I don't like the way I draw birds so trying to work that out a bit more.
DAY 2: Fish! Just having fun. Some from my head, some looking at pictures. I wrote down things next to them that might spark 'whimsy'!
DAY 3: Ever since I did this illustration I have wanted to elaborate on it - possibly create a line of greeting cards someday. For the moment I have some good friends who are having a baby soon so I thought I'd do a card for them.
DAY 4: Doing some sketches for Illustration Friday's "Wrinkle" - I hope I can get this done in time! not sure!
DAY 5: Just feeling really good today - had a productive day and a few nice emails, conversations with friends that have made me fly. so trying to capture that feeling....

I'll try to post my 15 minutes of creativeness a bit more regularly! And don't forget to check out all the other amazing illustrators doing it too - check Alicia's blog - she's got them all linked on her sidebar. Thanks Alicia and Gina!