Let 2014 rock.

Hope your new year will be ROCKIN!

I am very excited about the New Year. 2013 was a very difficult year personally and I am happy to see it finish. I have a few things on the boil for 2014 and am hoping one or more of them will bubble up enough for me to make some really yummy gnocchi.

A few pots:

My new book will be out in April!

I'm excited to expand on what I learned in the illustration course I did last year and to take Part B in March.

I'll be going to the national Australian SCBWI conference in July (never been before!)

I'm working on a dummy of a my OWN manuscript. (eek!)

I'm having fun doing little guys like Rocky Raccoon here.

Here's hoping 2014 is a wonderful year for us all, with lots of joy, laughter, love and creativity. (and gnocchi!)

Happy holidays!

Startree - watercolours, custom stamps, collage

May your holidays be happy, and your new year be sparkly!

Thanks to all of you who read this blog. I really appreciate your readership, even when there isn't always that much to read!

Here's hoping 2012 has been a wonderful year for all of you. On this side of the pond, it has been a year of highs and lows. Birth, life, and death -- we experienced it all this year. A difficult and joyous year at the same time.

Thinking about the new year illustration-wise, I'm hoping to redesign my website and definitely make it sparkly, including a shop where I can sell prints. Also preparing to have a solo exhibition at the end of next year so I'm really excited about 2013.

And this is our first Christmas with our little munchkin.... so it is sure to be a lovely time.

much love, stars and gingerbread to all of you out there. Stay safe, happy and healthy!


Merry everything!

No matter what you may or may not celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful end to the year, and that 2012 starts out in style!!

It has been quiet here, I know, but there has actually been LOTS happening. I find myself pulling back a bit from the whole blog/facebook/twitter world a bit now. As much as I love the connections and appreciate all of you out there in cyberland, it can be difficult to time manage! (as we all know)

But I am not deserting you completely! The roughs for my book have been approved with minor changes (yay!) and as I move into doing the paintings in the new year, I hope to be able to show you some sneak peeks. I haven't told you much about it yet. For now I'll tell you it is a sweet book with a great message, and is being published by Bright Sky Press in the US of A.

and with that good news I will leave you to your turkey dinners and/or pavlovas, and hope that the holiday season treats you, your mind, spirit and waistline well.

lots of joy and good cheer from this lil blogger xo

and a new decade begins....

A new year, a new decade...

here is how the end of 2009 looked for me:

(31C inside/ 40C outside for us aussies)

I wouldn't have imagined that as 2009 turned into 2010 I'd be....

- Bringing in the new year in Australia with my parents & husband
- Working on my first 'real' children's book with a major publisher
- Renovating my first house

For the upcoming year, I am bestowing it with the moniker Year of Friends. I feel like last year (09!) was the Year of Home. And now that the renos are mostly done (will show you some pics soon!) I want to get back to a more social lifestyle. More sharing, more giving, more meals, discussions, wine, laughs and play.

Of course, I will still be working hard. I have started the paintings for my book and am loving it, and look forward to whatever new illustration projects, discovery & inspiration might come my way this year.

But this year I want to restore the balance between work and play.

All the best to you - and to everything you hope for, dream of, plan excessively for, but perhaps more importantly, to all the unplanned happinesses that you find along the way.

Good news to start the year

Well the exciting news is that Karen, the author of my latest illustration venture Surprise! has been signed to a literary agent in the big Big Apple, who is trying to find a publisher for the book in the US/Canada. You can see Karen's post about it here - fingers crossed for us please!

Also, the book got a nice one-liner review in Australian Bookseller and Publisher - I think that is my first ever review ... cool! :-)

Let's party like it's 2009

Okay, only a decade late, but 2009 is shaping up to be a good one. Here is how the end of 2008 and the start of the new year have looked for me so far:

apple cinnamon cookie bake-a-thon

Christmas picnic under the gum trees

then it was on to the real work:

planting our front garden beds with lovely plants and flowers

and painting our hallway (all the patchyness are imperfections/cracks that I dug out, plastered, and sanded to a lovely smooth painting surface, ha.)

phew! Definitely a working holiday, but a happy one. And I'm excited for 2009.

One of the big things I'm hoping to do (besides continuing to paint our entire house) is to have a bit more time to work on my own children's book ideas. Because I have some. And the process can take years, so I at least want to start.

I'm a bit hesitant to actually put it in writing, but oh well, here we go... This Year, I want to make time to create a dummy of a book idea. There, I said it. No pressure or anything. But I always reckon starting is the hardest part, except for finishing of course.

So all the best to you for 2009 - I hope it's a fantastic one!

one lucky girl.

It was my birthday yesterday, and I just had to show some of the beautiful works of art I received. (I am so lucky.)

A and I had eyed off this amazing metal sculpture we had seen in a shop in Brunswick (where we used to live) - so he went back and got it for me. It turns out it is made from recycled oil drums from a very resourceful artist in Haiti! It is so amazing, so wonderfully detailed, and i love the 3-dimensionality of it. I feel so proud to have it and happy that buying it means we helped an artist somewhere else in the world. I will definitely have to find a special place for it. You can find out a bit more about them here.

A also gave me a book on mosaic-ing (now that we have our own house I have been threatening to mosaic the bathroom and paint murals on all the walls!) - and a few tiles to start me off. but that's a project for another day!

Also, my best friend in Montreal gave me a necklace made by a mutual friend of ours, Lydia Lukidis. Isn't it stunning?! Lydia makes amazing jewellery which are works of art unto themselves, using mainly silver, but with gems and other goodies too. Go check out her collections at lydialukidis.com

yes, one lucky girl i am.

I-F: Soar + Merry New Year!

All the best for 2008 everyone!

May all your dreams come true, from the little 'i hope they have chocolate chip mint flavoured ice cream' dreams to the big 'i hope I get my big break' dreams.

It's exciting being at the start of a new year and not knowing what it will hold. i reckon a good year is part hard work and part luck, so here's hoping it all goes your way in 'oh ate'!

love, lil kim. xx