I-F: Similar

These two guys are similar in style, but different in nature!

They are two acrylic + collage paintings I made to sell in my friend's store, but when I finished the giraffe I just loved him so much I couldn't sell him! So he's still in my studio, looking at me with his cheeky smile, hehe.

Doing paintings like this is so much fun and makes me think about doing more and opening an etsy store ... but it's a bit daunting.

isn't it?

I-F: Leap

I thought "Leap" was a pretty good word to continue with the Cat Circus theme from my last IF post...

She seems pretty confident about making the big leap. Ah, if only I could be that confident in real life sometimes! ;-)

I also couldn't resist sketching my cat who was posing ever so nicely for me, lying in a sunbeam as cats are wont to do...

I-F: Multiple

It takes multiple cats to make a good Cat Circus!

The cat at the bottom is my 2nd cat Rusty.
The 2nd cat is my 1st cat Sniffles.
The 3rd cat is my current cat Whiskey.
Not pictured are Touchstone (Touchy), Muddy, and Kiska. Don't you just love pet names? :-)

The cat circus came from Whiskey because she can do these amazing leaps and bounds, I thought she should run away and start a cat circus. But I'd miss her. So I'm glad she didn't. But I think I'd like to do a series of cat circus illos - it would be hilarious!

Hope you like it!

I-F: Plain

It's plain to see that love is in the air!

This is going to be a wedding present for a friend of mine.

I'm really enjoying the combination of acrylics and collage. This has collaged bits of an old book and also Japanese washi paper. I'm pretty happy with it - I just hope the newlyweds are too!

I've started doing little colour sketches for my paintings in my moleskine before i do the real thing - it helps me think about how i want to use colour in the piece and i find it really helpful... thought you might like to see..

This piece is also going to be the last addition for my folio for the NY SCWBI conference. (I leave in exactly a week! and still so much to do!)

I-F: Stitch

acrylic on paper with some collage, ink, coloured pencil, photoshopping

I've been sick the last few days. (poor me) sometimes colds seem worse in the summer. This one seems to be dissipating quickly though so hopefully it keeps going that way.

I slept pretty much all day yesterday, under a quilt which my friend made for me as a wedding present. Isn't it beautiful? I think it was the most amazing present we got. It's obviously my inspiration for this week's IF.

And I just wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post, and helped me with my colour crisis - BRIGHT definitely took the cake!

Since then I got a book on colour theory which I have been reading in my sickie-half-awakeness, and I think i am soaking it in by osmosis (ie. falling asleep on top of the book!)

all the best for a creative week everyone xx

I-F: 100%

This is 100% the same composition as my last IF post for "soar"!

I have been going through a colour crisis lately. Ever since I read Penelope's post on colour, I've been looking at my own work differently. I tend to go for the really bright, happy, punchy colours, but sometimes they are so bright that they look a bit fluoro and garish.

When looking at other IF entries for "soar," I took careful note of which ones I liked, and a lot of them had really earthy palettes. So I thought I'd try something different, but using a previous composition so that I could really compare the two.

So what do you think??!! I've wanted to update my illo-of-the-month for January on my website, but not sure which one to choose, so please help me decide!! Leave me a comment and let me know which one you like best - bright (soar) or earthy (100%) ?

I-F: Soar + Merry New Year!

All the best for 2008 everyone!

May all your dreams come true, from the little 'i hope they have chocolate chip mint flavoured ice cream' dreams to the big 'i hope I get my big break' dreams.

It's exciting being at the start of a new year and not knowing what it will hold. i reckon a good year is part hard work and part luck, so here's hoping it all goes your way in 'oh ate'!

love, lil kim. xx

I-F: Little things

I've been trying to get into the head of a teenager lately, and this is what I came up with. I was given the opportunity to do an illustration for an anthology for 10-14 year-olds, with a completely open subject matter - so I used I-F's prompt to help me along. I started thinking about the little things I used to enjoy when I was a teenager, and one of them was just lying on my bed listening to music, which I never seem to do anymore (funnily though, this idea solidified when I was sitting listening to music!)

Maybe because technology is such a big part of our lives now, I find I don't do the 'little things' as much anymore. Since I have just moved and am still completely surrounded by boxes, (it was hard work finding my paints and clearing a space to work!) the stereo/television etc. aren't connected, internet only just connected, I have found myself reverting to simpler things - and it's good. We should switch off the computers more often! (she says in front of her Mac)

Anyway, I hope you like this. This one is a triple-whammy! My submission for I-F, and also for this anthology, and ALSO for my folio for when I go to the conference in New York in Feb - I'm going to work really hard at all the I-F topics until I go, to make them all portfolio-worthy pieces. (I hope!)

Oh, and I must say - homeownership is divine! We've already ripped out some cupboards, and just being able to dream about knocking down walls, painting murals, planting trees... it's all so tasty! We haven't started making repayments yet though!! :-)

I-F: Scale

this bird is definitely not to scale.

okay, a bit of a stretch for this week's I-F theme, but I couldn't think of anything really good. This image popped into my head some time ago and I've been wanting to paint it ever since. I am also submitting this to Art&Design online's 3rd online exhibition. (you can see last year's here)

Still having lots of fun experimenting with acrylics and collage. it's really interesting how a medium can change your expression of an image!

I-F: Hat + 2nd bloggy birthday!

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
you look like a bloggy
and you act like one too!
(how weird - "Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder started playing on my shuffled music just as I started typing this)

well, exactly 2 years ago today I started my lil kim blog, and a new chapter in my artistic life. so where am I 2 years down? well, a few educational books published which is great, lots of work i can look back on and be proud of (but still see where I can improve!), lots of friends and acquaintances made across the world, now a committee member on Illustrators Australia.... so yes, lots of things have happened, but they all started here!

So thank you to each and every one of you who has ever visited or left a comment. You have all been so lovely and encouraging and such a great community and it really has been a pleasure to be part of it all

and well I have to say it's been an amazing few weeks! Not so much illustration-wise but some other great things have been happening... namely... we bought a house! I am so terribly excited and house proud. it's the cutest little thing, and though it is twice as far out than where we are at the moment, and not nearly as funky a part of town, I can't wait to move there and settle in and know that if we want to we can be there FOREVER. And it's got so much potential (read: studio!!)

so I've been on cloud 11 lately. and also because of another little piece of news. but I'll save that one for another time. oooh, yes I'm a tease aren't I?

love to you all!
xx lil-kim.

Experiments 1 & 2

I've been feeling lately that my work needs to go to that next level, and I'm trying to figure out if I can do that in watercolours. I'm not sure - I still get really frustrated with them sometimes, and I feel that I can't always get the effects I like. I looked through my collection of children's books and other artist books and all the styles I was really drawn to were more of an acrylic or oils look. I'm not giving up on them yet, but I'm trying my hand at acrylics to see if that gets me where I want to go.

I sat down and wrote out things that I enjoy doing:
- incorporating drawn patterns or collage
- simple shapes and characters
- limited colour palettes (complementary especially)
- lots of texture!

and I thought I'd try to redo this rather simple illustration I did digitally years ago, in a few different styles to see what grabs me:

this was the first one I did. still feels a bit too much like a child's drawing, i think maybe it's the outlines.

this one is getting a bit better... I like how with acrylics I can make the collaged paper part of illo as opposed to it sitting on top of the paint. I used coloured pencil for a few outlines, but only where they were needed. This is feels good so far - may keep going with this for a bit...

a few more in the series

Here are some more in a new series of acrylic paintings:

This one is heading off to my new little niece who was born on the 23rd of August. Her name is Claire and she lives in Boston with her mother and father and big sister.

These are heading up to Brisbane with the other two.

and this one was for a friend who's been going through a tough time...

and I'm quite happy today because since being back from travelling I haven't had any (paid) illustration work, but just this week the phone has started ringing again. so hooray for that! more deposit for the house I'm sure we'll find very soon. ;-)

new medium, new work

what's that you say? acrylics? didn't that girl only do watercolours?

well yes, a bit of a change for me here, and I'm really excited about it. I haven't painted on canvas in ages and never with acrylics, but I decked myself out this week and got into it - and I'm loving them. They don't dry nearly as fast as I thought they would, coming from an oils background (though I did have some choice moments talking to my canvas when trying to blend colours - 'no, no, not yet! stop! damn.' )

Anyway, my friend's sister is opening a homewares shop in Brisbane where she's going to have a "kid's corner" so these are heading up there to warmer climes (although it was beautiful in Melbourne today - bring on Spring!)

I'm really happy with the way they turned out. I think the bits of collage work well and make them feel a bit 'special'. Canvasses are great because you can just hang them straight on the wall and don't have to mess with framing which can be expensive. These ones have the thicker edge so they look good hanging without a frame, and I've varnished them so they are well protected from sticky little fingers. I'm thinking I might start approaching some kids shops in Melbourne too. you never know what might happen!

I've decided to 'market' this new style under my lil-kim bloggy name, so I'm going to have this little easel which only stands about 4 inches tall near the paintings. and it's time to make up some more business cards too because I'm all out! time for a freshen up anyway....