Happy daze

Just wanted to wish all of you out there a lovely summer daze for the days ahead (or maybe a turkey daze if you are in the Northern hemisphere) I know I am looking forward to a bit of relaxaaaaation over the holidays before things gear up again next year (if relaxing is possible with a toddler!)

Here is something a little different from me this year, a digital illustration a la "Make Art That Sells" class I recently completed.

MATS: mini assignment Week 3 - Children's books

OK! Week 3 of 5 is Children's books! woohoo! Home territory. Hoping to feel a bit more comfortable with this one. Although 4 days which includes some 'day job' work and looking after a toddler isn't time to do much of anything, I will soon see what our main assignment is for this week.

But first! The mini assignment for this week, Part 1: Draw Birds.
It's very funny because coming into this class I said to myself "no birds".... EVERYONE does birds, right? (although this class is very much about trends and birds are a 'high trend' animal. I think I tend to run the other way when someone says trend but maybe I shouldn't.) - but I had to laugh because I ended up using birds in my first assignment. and then we have to draw birds this week. ha.

Part 2 of our assignment was to try some hand lettering for the title "The Language of Birds". This is SO exciting because this is one of those things I've been wanting to try but never sat down and gave myself the time.

so... off I went... and for some reason the only bird I wanted to draw was perhaps the most 'overdone' bird of all: The Owl. But I just went there. 

and had fun!! 

I started sketching but then did a few pages of paintbrush and ink, which is so fun, quick, and loose. I think I'd really like to do some more of this.

and this little guy sort of appeared. So, let's see how he will be used in the main assignment.... wish me luck!

Click here for the main assignment this week

Click here for last week's main assignment in Home Decor if you missed it!

I-F: Subtract

trees - leaves = autumn. simple equation!

And I think these two might be a simple equation too. 1 + 1 = 2.
(speaking of which, today marks 8 years that A and I have been together, meaning I've been in Australia for 8 years too. My how the time seems to pass quickly these days....)

And another season rolls in.... autumn has definitely sprung in this hemisphere, and as much as I love summer, autumn is always such a beautiful season. Though there aren't many deciduous trees to turn beautiful colours here, the air feels crisp and brisk, and the sun still strong enough to make a difference.

Here are some other autumnal colours:
The beautiful japanese washi paper I used for collage in this illo (I love it when I find the perfect paper to fit an illo)

and a chili plant, as part of my bountiful herb garden.

Happy autumn!

I-F: 100%

This is 100% the same composition as my last IF post for "soar"!

I have been going through a colour crisis lately. Ever since I read Penelope's post on colour, I've been looking at my own work differently. I tend to go for the really bright, happy, punchy colours, but sometimes they are so bright that they look a bit fluoro and garish.

When looking at other IF entries for "soar," I took careful note of which ones I liked, and a lot of them had really earthy palettes. So I thought I'd try something different, but using a previous composition so that I could really compare the two.

So what do you think??!! I've wanted to update my illo-of-the-month for January on my website, but not sure which one to choose, so please help me decide!! Leave me a comment and let me know which one you like best - bright (soar) or earthy (100%) ?

I-F: Soar + Merry New Year!

All the best for 2008 everyone!

May all your dreams come true, from the little 'i hope they have chocolate chip mint flavoured ice cream' dreams to the big 'i hope I get my big break' dreams.

It's exciting being at the start of a new year and not knowing what it will hold. i reckon a good year is part hard work and part luck, so here's hoping it all goes your way in 'oh ate'!

love, lil kim. xx

I-F: Scale

this bird is definitely not to scale.

okay, a bit of a stretch for this week's I-F theme, but I couldn't think of anything really good. This image popped into my head some time ago and I've been wanting to paint it ever since. I am also submitting this to Art&Design online's 3rd online exhibition. (you can see last year's here)

Still having lots of fun experimenting with acrylics and collage. it's really interesting how a medium can change your expression of an image!

In the papers

If you live in melbourne and opened up your local Leader Newspaper this week, you might have seen some of my handywork....

This was a great job to do - the Leader approached me about doing a poster for Children's Week, and my only requirement was to incorporate 5 quotes which they supplied. It was great fun coming up with the composition and how to incorporate the quotes. I did lettering for the quotes and title which unfortuantely they chose not to use (a bit disappointing - i don't really approve of the font they chose but oh well!) Overall I am very happy with the way it turned out - the colour is great, and hopefully it means a lot of people will see my work!


Every year, Illustrators Australia has an exhibition called the 9x5, where each member is sent a piece of wood (that is 9" x 5") in the mail to paint, decorate, deface, etc., and then they are auctioned off. This is the first year I'm participating, and the theme is Connected.

here is my piece, acrylics and ink on wood.

and I must give credit where credit is due, the idea for this came totally and completely from my hubby. Thanks, A!