Hopscotch collection

Late last year a small illustration of mine was accepted for  'Hopscotch' –  A collection of short stories, poetry and artwork for children, published by Jelli-Beanz publishing:

Jelli-Beanz recently did a lil interview of lil me on their hopscotch blog -- A few questions about process and inspiration.  If you're interested, you can check it out here.

And if not, you can just print this out for colouring in! (If you are so inclined)

Hiccups / IF: Capable

These guys are certainly capable of driving this train!

This is an illustration I did for the background of a poster for the Winter Kids Festival happening here in Melbourne in July.

Sometimes, a project goes incredibly smoothly. An idea springs into your head, you sketch it with perfection, and it gets approved in a flash. Other times, you have a few hiccups along the way.

Last year I did some illustration work for the Northcote Kids Festival which was a lot of fun - I got to see my illustrations displayed across 2m high billboards! Quite the thrill. So when they asked me to do some more work for them, this time for the Winter Kids Festival, I was of course very excited.

The great thing about these festivals is thst the imagery is very whimsical - which I love but don't often have the chance to do. I came up with the following sketch which I was super happy with:

Unfortunately, the festival organiser was not super happy with it. Because it is being held at the Newport Substation, an old train station, he wanted it to involve a train (even though my brief was for a boat). OK, fair enough. I did two more (very quick photoshopped) sketches with trains:

But they decided they would prefer to have a more side on view. So, sketch #4:

...which was accepted. To me, this is the least interesting! It doesn't have the movement and energy the others do. But, that is the business of illustration. You don't always get your way. I added a bit more movement into the final, and luckily, I'm happy with the way it turned out! It hasn't been designed into a poster yet, but it will be fun to see my artwork on those big billboards again....

Darcy & Griff

In between spending time with family and enjoying the Australian Open tennis and gorgeous sunshine, I have been beavering away on my current book project. I can't really share much with you yet, except to say it is being published in the US and distributed in the US and Australia, so that is pretty exciting!

For now, here are the characters I am working with, who are not named in the text, but who I am affectionately calling Darcy and Griff.

I always like to make a colour sketch of my main characters to stick above my painting space, to remind me what they should look like! I've written down all the colours I use for the watercolours and also for the pencil details, to help maintain consistency.

With this book, I am going to be working slightly differently. I love using collage in my work, and am always experimenting with new ways to incorporate it into my paintings. This time I'm going digital for the collage process -- I'll miss not having millions of little bits of paper all over the place, but I'm excited to see what effects I can come up with... (all hail Photoshop!)

Stay tuned sports fans.....

I-F: Early

Here is an early sketch for a commission I am working on for a young boy called Ashton. (sorry for bad photo)
Here is even earlier one - very quick in a small journal to figure out basic composition:

I'll be showing the sketch to Ashton's mum tomorrow - hope she likes it!

**edit: she did like it! thank goodness :)

. . .
It's good to be back online after some weeks of computer troubles. Oh how I missed thee, internet, and invisible cyber buddies....

I-F: Legendary

First illo in 3 weeks! It felt good to have a break, and feels even better to be back to it. My Writing for Children class is going well though, I'll post something about that soon. For now, it's Legendary for IF:

My mother-in-law asked for me to do a card for a friend of hers who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer recently. She is affectionately called "Grandy" by her grandchildren. I reckon she's pretty legendary in her family.

I-F: Soar + Merry New Year!

All the best for 2008 everyone!

May all your dreams come true, from the little 'i hope they have chocolate chip mint flavoured ice cream' dreams to the big 'i hope I get my big break' dreams.

It's exciting being at the start of a new year and not knowing what it will hold. i reckon a good year is part hard work and part luck, so here's hoping it all goes your way in 'oh ate'!

love, lil kim. xx

In the papers

If you live in melbourne and opened up your local Leader Newspaper this week, you might have seen some of my handywork....

This was a great job to do - the Leader approached me about doing a poster for Children's Week, and my only requirement was to incorporate 5 quotes which they supplied. It was great fun coming up with the composition and how to incorporate the quotes. I did lettering for the quotes and title which unfortuantely they chose not to use (a bit disappointing - i don't really approve of the font they chose but oh well!) Overall I am very happy with the way it turned out - the colour is great, and hopefully it means a lot of people will see my work!


I've been terrible lately. I've let househunting eclipse everything in my life for the past few weeks, including doing art. No more! We had major trials last week -- we actually bought a house, yes, signed on the dotted line, then got back an extremely negative building inspection (the words "money pit" were thrown around), so we pulled out of the sale. It was very disappointing because the house was everything we wanted and more in terms of space, location, price, everything, and now we are back to the drawing board (sorta speak). but I'm sure something else will turn up and it will be even BETTER!

so no more obsessive trolling of the internet looking over house ads 2, 3, 47 times. now i'm tempering life with a healthy dose of creation. and as I write I have paint smeared all over my arms and clothes- i'm just taking a break from a new painting adventure. i'll be posting about that very soon (hopefully tomorrow) and hope to do I-F's "Visitor" this week too.

but until then, here is some old stuff.

i did these before I went away. the first one is for the 'walking school bus' an initiative where kids walk to school together in 'bus' formation led by an adult - promoting community, socialisation and you guessed it, WALKING! I was happy to contribute to such a great idea and cause!

and this is one I did for Sydney's Child Magazine, i really like how this one turned out.

see you soon! xx