Illustration Friday : Stay

New Orleans would have to be one of my favourite places to stay in the USA.

This is a map I did for They Draw And Travel -- they asked for a very personal map -- things that aren't necessarily in the tourist guides but the things YOU love to do in a city. And that's exactly what this is. We often visit NOLA due to my musician-husband's desire to have been born there, so we have many rituals, a lot of which are on the map.

I have always wanted to illustrate a map and I had sooooo much fun doing this. If I have time I may do another for Melbourne!

I-F: Savour

Here is my submission for They Draw And Cook's holiday recipe contest. Yummy butter tarts from my homeland, to which I have added maple syrup to make them even more Canadian. My mum used to make these every year. mmmm... buttery, sugary goodness....

Oh and I'm very proud to say that my earlier recipe (Moroccan Date and Orange Salad) for TDAC was selected to be in their recipe book, to be published by Weldon Owen Publishing. wee!