Happy daze

Just wanted to wish all of you out there a lovely summer daze for the days ahead (or maybe a turkey daze if you are in the Northern hemisphere) I know I am looking forward to a bit of relaxaaaaation over the holidays before things gear up again next year (if relaxing is possible with a toddler!)

Here is something a little different from me this year, a digital illustration a la "Make Art That Sells" class I recently completed.

MATS: Wrap up

The Make Art That Sells experience was quite amazing. It was intense. It was challenging. It was liberating. It was frustrating. It was eye-opening. It was affirming.

Intense: 5 weeks, a mini assignment each Monday, a main assignment on the Wednesday, due on the Sunday. Posts almost each day (sometimes videos of 30minutes+) on the market we were exploring that week. Information overload, but what amazing information.

Challenging: Definitely getting out of the comfort zone. Trying to complete a professional quality illustration in 4 days. Thinking about my art (and myself, my role, what I want my art to be) in new ways.

Frustrating: I felt like I never had enough time in each week and could have kept going for ages on each piece! (This is a good thing I guess. But so is knowing when to stop!) At one point I started to fall behind in class posts and was struggling to catch up. But in the end, I was mostly pretty happy with the pieces I put up. (except was disappointed in myself for the Children's Book week)

Liberating: Trying new things. Things I'd always wanted to try but never given myself the time or the freedom to try them. Having fun doing things I wasn't sure I would like!

Eye-opening: Seeing what all the other amazing artists in my group game up with was truly inspiring (sometimes daunting) but mostly motivating to work hard and achieve a higher level with my own art.

Affirming: This is what I want to do. I think I can do it! Finding some new directions to take my work in.

The class was definitely good push to try new things and discover other avenues to get my art into the world. I look forward to revisiting some of my pieces because I would have loved to have had some extra time to work on them during the class. I also look forward to reviewing some of the class posts because there was SO much amazing information given out, I'm sure I missed some along the way. But I feel like I am armed with all of the necessary info to enter any one of the markets we studied. It's just a matter of making some amazing art and getting it out there!!!

These are the pieces I created during the class:

You can see my posts here: Fabric / Home Decor / Children's Books / Wall Art / Gift

Another wonderful part of the class is the incredible wealth of information from classmates, as well as feedback and support through the Facebook group. Lucky for us, the fb group continues on indefinitely and we still use it as a sounding board and support network.

These are a few of the amazing pieces from some of my classmates: (soooooo much amazing work let me tell you!)

Rebecca Jones

Anna Whitford

Mary Tanana

Linda Tordoff
Kirstie Cookman

Hui Yuan Chang

Hung-yu Chen

And here are some of the other participating artists with blogs who are blogging about the class. Take a click to see incredible art from these talented people!!

Katie Wood - http://www.katiewoodillustrations.blogspot.co.uk/
Anne Waters - http://annewatersdesign.com/blog/
Aisha Khan - www.aishaandherwork.blogspot.com
Linda Tordoff  - www.paintlovestudio.blogspot.co.uk
Martina Lenhardt - www.ma-len.blogspot.com
Melissa Doran - www.goradiate.ie
Jo Chambers - www.studiolegohead.blogspot.co.uk
Son Atwal - www.applekaur.com/blog
Bari J. - http://www.barij.typepad.com
Eva Marion Seyffarth - www.eva-marion-seyffarth.blogspot.de
Rachael Schafer - www.rachaelschaferdesigns.com
Danielle McDonald - http://reddogandjude.blogspot.com.au/
Renske de Kinkelder - www.renskedekinkelder.com
Jordan Vinograd Kim - http://www.foundandrewound.com/blog/
Emma Schonenbergh - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emma-Schonenberg/175939639128136
Aileen Tu - http://aileentu.com/blog/
Sarah Ehlinger -  www.verysarie.com
Jen Burbridge -  www.madebyburbs.co.uk
Carolina Coto - www.carolinacotoart.com
Claire Lordon -  www.clairelordon.blogspot.com
Anna Whitford - www.rosanna-rossi.co.uk
Mary Tanana - http://www.barij.typepad.com
Jennifer Wambach - http://jennartdesigns.blogspot.com
Victoria Johnson - http://victoriajohnsondesignblog.blogspot.it
Nic Squirrell - http://nicsquirrell.blogspot.com
Melinda Hopkirk - www.crouchriverstudio.com
Jennifer Appel - http://www.jaillustration.com/
Wendy Brightbill - http://www.agirlandherbrush.wordpress.com
Andrea van Dalen - http://dreamkeeperfae.blogspot.nl/
Ohn Mar Win - http://illustrationsouljourney.blogspot.co.uk/
Jill Byers - http://jillbyers.blogspot.com
Sarah Gager - www.sarahgager.com
Angie Sandy - http://www.angiesandy.com/blog
Diane Neukirch - http://dianeneukirch.blogspot.com
Larisa Hernandez | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Larisa-Hernández/166215440228435
Kathy Weller - http://www.wellerwishes.blogspot.com
Lisa Deighan - http://www.lisadeighan.com
Deb Trevitt - http://www.debtrevitt.com/blog/
Tara Lilly - http://taralillystudio.blogspot.com
Nicole Piar - http://www.ghostkittendesign.blogspot.com/
Stacy Peterson - http://stacypeterson.net/blog
Emily Dyer - http://www.emilydyer.com/blog
Antje MO (Martens-Oberwelland) - http://antje.art.com

MATS: main assignment - Week 5 - Gift market

This week was all about the Gift market - which could be anything really. From little pouches to pencil cases to jewellery to books to tea towels to magnets. So really wide open, and again a range of art being used.

I have to admit that I skipped the mini assignment this week. We were supposed to take photos or make sketches of some collections we might have around the house - things we collect purposefully or not, such as buttons or flowers or pencils. Well I have a pretty good collection of brushes and other painterly things, but I ran out of time and just decided to see what the final assignment would be.

Our final assignment of the class was to create a design for a "hyper-lush" item such as a zipper pouch. We were encouraged to 'throw everything at it' - layer our little hearts out, and even bring in items from previous weeks if they could work.

I wanted to work mostly digitally for this one... It's been a long time since I've done much digital art (for myself) and definitely not vector, so this was pretty fun. Though I couldn't keep it all computer-based!

I decided to build on the Indian-y theme and came up with the idea of an 'Elephant Tea Party'. To start, I drew out a few mandala-type things and indian motifs which I then scanned in and traced in Illustrator so I could change the colours easily.

And then I just built and built it up and up....
I used some of the patterns (in the corners) from last week
We were encouraged to use photography, but that just wasn't 'me'

getting there...
until I came to this....

At this point I posted it to our class Facebook group for feedback because I still wasn't quite sure. The consensus was to bump up the colours to make it more 'lush', so did that, added a few more details, and here's what I ended up with:

And here's how I presented it for the class:

Very happy with this! (finally!) I feel like I've ended the class on a high note and feeling good after some weeks of not-enough-time posts and not feeling like I was pushing myself enough.

We have a few more 'bonus' information posts to the class in the coming days, and then after that I will do a wrap up post here. Stay tuned....

see last week's assignment in Wall Art


I'm excited to announce that I've joined the ranks of the artists at Squigglefly. They are a digital stamp company and have a wide range of artists and stamps available for download and use, and even a team of designers who use the stamps in examples and provide tips and tutorials!

Here are some of the stamps I'm offering straight off, some of these will be familiar to you if you've followed this blog for a while ;-)

my artist page is here

I-F: Shadow

I can just picture these two flitting in between the shadows and the sunlight at your local pond. I really enjoyed doing the watercolour background on this, and for the first time in a long time I have added some digital elements (the pattern in the background) which I'm really happy with.

This will be by submission for the Illustrators Australia A3 print show, which forms part of the Northern Exposure Festival. The opening is Friday June 17th, so come along if you can!