Hiccups / IF: Capable

These guys are certainly capable of driving this train!

This is an illustration I did for the background of a poster for the Winter Kids Festival happening here in Melbourne in July.

Sometimes, a project goes incredibly smoothly. An idea springs into your head, you sketch it with perfection, and it gets approved in a flash. Other times, you have a few hiccups along the way.

Last year I did some illustration work for the Northcote Kids Festival which was a lot of fun - I got to see my illustrations displayed across 2m high billboards! Quite the thrill. So when they asked me to do some more work for them, this time for the Winter Kids Festival, I was of course very excited.

The great thing about these festivals is thst the imagery is very whimsical - which I love but don't often have the chance to do. I came up with the following sketch which I was super happy with:

Unfortunately, the festival organiser was not super happy with it. Because it is being held at the Newport Substation, an old train station, he wanted it to involve a train (even though my brief was for a boat). OK, fair enough. I did two more (very quick photoshopped) sketches with trains:

But they decided they would prefer to have a more side on view. So, sketch #4:

...which was accepted. To me, this is the least interesting! It doesn't have the movement and energy the others do. But, that is the business of illustration. You don't always get your way. I added a bit more movement into the final, and luckily, I'm happy with the way it turned out! It hasn't been designed into a poster yet, but it will be fun to see my artwork on those big billboards again....

Northcote Kids Festival

I did some illustrations for the Northcote Kids Festival happening soon in the northern 'burbs of Melbourne. I think the poster turned out great! Tix are cheap or free, but even so you can go into a draw to win free tickets by liking their Facebook page.

I will also be conducting an illustration workshop for kids aged 6-12 as part of the festival, on September 30th. I'm very excited! I must admit that it is my first ever hands-on workshop (though I did teach ad hoc art classes to kids a few years ago) but I'm hoping it can become part of my regular repertoire.

In this workshop we'll discuss what it means to be a book illustrator, what makes up a good book, and then together we will come up with ideas for a story, and kids (and their adults) can illustrate their story together! All in an hour. Ambitious? I think not!

There are lots of other fun events and workshops happening, so check it out if you're in the area!