I-F: Reverse

I just got an email from the Art House Co-op saying they received my sketchbook project book! It made me realise that I hadn't posted all of my pages here - so I'm doing of all this in reverse! Anyway, here are some selections only. You can see my entire submission here.

I was unfortunately a bit rushed at the end to finish this, but playing with ink on paper was really quick so that was good! It was fun to be free and use big long strokes. I've always enjoyed painting in ink.

Sketchbook Project: Pages 2-5

I finally signed up for
The Sketchbook Project: 2011

and am starting to fill up my book. My theme is "Secret Codes". Juicy eh?

At first I thought I would create a code and make the sketchbook into a secret message itself. I started on this, but it was taking a bit too long-- time is an issue here. We all have until January, but there are - count em - 80 PAGES TO FILL. Ack.

Then, while sketching other things tonight, I found I kept sneaking in little sketches of my cat who was sitting there watching me (rather unimpressed, I might add.) And I realised that would be a fun way to fill up 80 pages. Hence, The Secret Code of Cats.

And I remind myself over and over to Keep It Simple. It is a sketchbook after all! Each page doesn't have to be a finished artwork right? So I am having some fun, not worrying too much, and trying to stay loose with this one.

So let me know what you think about the first few pages!