bread and butter

For the past 6 weeks I have been working on an educational book about handwriting which needed a lot of illustrations - 140 of them! It was a change of gears for me because they wanted digital illos (in Illustrator) which I don't really do anymore. (I worked on a similar project with this publisher a few years ago when I worked only digitally, and they wanted the same style)

It was pretty fun to do, but all I wanted was to work on my Christmas book! But educational work is often the bread and butter that helps you support the more fun illustration projects.

So now I am back to the book and absolutely 100% loving it! I am having sooo much fun doing the roughs - an especially good sketching night tonight :) I will post more about that soon. Until then, here are 3 of the 140 illos I completed recently...

winking wombat
old ostrich
coughing camel

In the papers

If you live in melbourne and opened up your local Leader Newspaper this week, you might have seen some of my handywork....

This was a great job to do - the Leader approached me about doing a poster for Children's Week, and my only requirement was to incorporate 5 quotes which they supplied. It was great fun coming up with the composition and how to incorporate the quotes. I did lettering for the quotes and title which unfortuantely they chose not to use (a bit disappointing - i don't really approve of the font they chose but oh well!) Overall I am very happy with the way it turned out - the colour is great, and hopefully it means a lot of people will see my work!

Illustrator pages up and running

I've now got two new illustrator pages viewable on that pesky world wide web.

I was very happy to be accepted into The Stylefile, which I applied for before I left travelling. It is a great resource, specifically for Australian picture book illustrators. You can see my page here.

Also the new Illustrators Australia website is up, and it's fantastic! Unfortunately not everything is working perfectly yet, so when you do a search for my page, it doesn't show up, but it IS there. To prove it you can check this link.

I probably won't be changing these pages that often, since they're really just a link to my website which I (try to) keep updated. But I figure the more places I am on the web, the better!


I've been terrible lately. I've let househunting eclipse everything in my life for the past few weeks, including doing art. No more! We had major trials last week -- we actually bought a house, yes, signed on the dotted line, then got back an extremely negative building inspection (the words "money pit" were thrown around), so we pulled out of the sale. It was very disappointing because the house was everything we wanted and more in terms of space, location, price, everything, and now we are back to the drawing board (sorta speak). but I'm sure something else will turn up and it will be even BETTER!

so no more obsessive trolling of the internet looking over house ads 2, 3, 47 times. now i'm tempering life with a healthy dose of creation. and as I write I have paint smeared all over my arms and clothes- i'm just taking a break from a new painting adventure. i'll be posting about that very soon (hopefully tomorrow) and hope to do I-F's "Visitor" this week too.

but until then, here is some old stuff.

i did these before I went away. the first one is for the 'walking school bus' an initiative where kids walk to school together in 'bus' formation led by an adult - promoting community, socialisation and you guessed it, WALKING! I was happy to contribute to such a great idea and cause!

and this is one I did for Sydney's Child Magazine, i really like how this one turned out.

see you soon! xx