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Picture Books

Something Very Sad Happened

Written by Bonnie Zucker, PsyD

Magination Press, 2016

Fully illustrated picture book, 32 pages – A sensitive book explaining death to toddlers

"The book is very simple, clear, forthright, age appropriate. The illustrations are of a mother and son—the expressions on their faces could be used to talk further about how the reader and his/her child are feeling." – Goodreads

"The illustrations are marvellous. You'll want to touch them." - Amazon review

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Egg Hunting We Will Go

Written by Jay Laga'aia, with accompanying CD

Scholastic Australia, 2016

Fully illustrated picture book, 24 pages - A romping Easter egg hunting adventure

"Bold and bright, Fleming held nothing back with this book. Featuring bright pastel colours and full double page illustrations, this book is not only eye catching but it’s a ton of fun too! The illustrations are so stunning that you won’t mind reading the book over and over to your child this Easter." - Neverending Bookshelf

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Jack's Funtastic Day

Written by Angela Barrett

NSW Department of Health, 2016

Fully illustrated picture book, 20 pages, available in all NSW early childhood learning centres and primary schools, with accompanying teaching resources.

A book about putting away the screens and getting active!

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© NSW Department of Heatlh

Mummy, You're Special To Me

Written by Laine Mitchell

first published as hardback by Scholastic Australia, 2014 ; published in Canada in French & English, board book edition, 2015 ; paperback edition Australia, 2015 ; board book edition Australia, 2016 ; published in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malyasia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, 2016 ; Korean language edition, 2017

Fully illustrated picture book, 24 pages -- A heartwarming book about mothers and babies

The illustrations glow. They are lively and luminous. They exude the happiness and light playful atmosphere portrayed in the text. - Buzz Words

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SunSmart Kids

Written by Jenifer Kuykendall

Bright Sky Press, 2012

Fully illustrated picture book, 24 pages

I also designed this book.

In association with the Cancer Council of Australia

True Blue Santa

Written by Anne Mangan

HarperCollins, 2010

Fully illustrated picture book, 32 pages -- An Aussie Christmas Story

Kim Fleming provides gorgeously comic illustrations of the reindeer lazing by the pool and taking a dip. The idea of teaching the emus to fly the sleigh is inspired - the 'P' plate on the back, and the sparkling red noses are great touches to the illustrations. – My Book Corner

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Written by Karen Andrews

Miscellaneous Press, 2009

Fully illustrated picture book, 24 pages

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They Draw and Cook

Weldon Owen Publishing, 2011

Contributing illustrator for book of illustrated recipes

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They Draw and Travel: 100 Illustrated Maps of American Places


My illustrated map of New Orleans is included in this compendium

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Chapter Books & Readers

Triple Ripple

Written by Brigid Lowry

Allen & Unwin, 2011

Spot illustrations

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Boss of the Farm

Written by Jay Saunders

Funtastic, 2006

Fully illustrated reader, 32 pages

Educational Books

Below are a sample of educational books that I have fully illustrated or have contributed illustrations to.
Publishers include Pearson Education, Thomson Learning and Pan MacMillan.


I Learn


January 2015
I completed all of the animation for this app, featured in 'Best New Apps' and 'Great Kids Apps and Games' on the AU App Store.

This app helps children enjoy preparing for a new class at school, kinder or wherever they go to learn by putting their own picture and voice into the app to make it truly interactive!

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Children’s illustrations